Services and Rates

Writing/Co-writing: Your ideas, experiences, stories, or research can be transformed into prose. Whether you want to publish your work, or just share it with family, I'll work with you to record your stories in an organized and attractive way. Depending on the type of material and the amount of research or consultation required, I'll charge from 50 cents to a dollar per word of final text.

Editing: Typically, a draft text first needs structural editing to ensure the organization and the content are appropriate for the audience. Stylistic editing follows, to improve clarity, flow and language.  Copy editing ensures correctness, consistency, accuracy, and completeness. Rates for editing vary depending on the level of editing your material requires. I will look at a sample of your material and provide an estimate per 1,000 words.   

Proofreading: Your manuscript has been edited and now it's time to make sure all the changes have been made, all the errors corrected, and no new errors have been introduced into the laid-out text. A careful proofreader catches those last, potentially embarrassing typos. If your text has already been well edited, I'll charge around $50 per 1,000 words.

Translation: I'll take your French document and translate it into fluent English. I loved learning French and trained to be a French teacher. The classroom wasn't for me, but I used French in my work with the federal government for 20 years and I enjoy finding the perfect word — le mot juste — to translate your thought. Rates for translation range from 25 − 50 cents per word, depending on how specialized the material is.

Presentations: You have researched and written a great report — now you need to present it to a live audience. I'll take your plain text document and make it come alive in an engaging visual format (PowerPoint, Keynote, or other). Rates are around $20 per slide for a short presentation.

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